Nightscape Series

2016 Plans & Projects

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In 2015, I managed to release three Nightscape projects--a free novelette, a digital comic book and a full-fledged novel. My one New Year's resolution is to match that level of productivity. The 2016 lineup looks like this...

Star Wars: Aftermath & Agenda-based Reviews

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Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't pay much attention to the release of a Star Wars tie-in novel. Beyond Alan Dean Foster's Splinter of the Mind's Eye (1978), the original Han Solo adventures by Brian Daley (1979-80), and most recently, Darth Plagueis (2012), I haven't read much in the Star Wars universe. But the latest tie-in novel, Star Wars: Aftermath, has caught my attention--and not because it's the first entry in the new canon set after Return of the Jedi. No, it's because the mixed reception on Amazon shows the power and limitations of reader reviews...