Nightscape Series

Nightscape Double Feature No. 1 Delayed Until May

David EdwardsComment

Back in the optimistic days of October 2015, I set the publication date for the first Nightscape Double Feature for February--yes, the month that ended yesterday. As you might have noticed, the book isn't yet available. That's because I received the manuscript for one of the two novellas almost three months late and, due to various issues with the content, was compelled to rewrite it virtually from scratch. That story, referenced in early publicity material as The Blood Canvas, will be published as The Q for Damnation and credited to a company pseudonym. Due to the extent of the revisions to this novella, the book's release date has slipped into late-May. The good news is: I'm confident the book will serve as a great jumping-on point for the Nightscape series. The bad news is: you'll have to wait a bit longer to experience it.