Nightscape Series

Nightscape Novel Title Reveal

David EdwardsComment

If you read my posts from this summer, you know I spent some time in Kentucky to conduct research for the next Nightscape novel. This book will be my most stylistically challenging yet. It's a two-part giallo or supernatural murder-mystery. The first part is like a demonic version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None as written by Dosteyevsky and the second is a crazy mash-up of Cormac McCarthy and the B-movie Pumpkinhead. The title? Nightscape: Among the Unsaved. I started on the book a week after finishing Cynopolis and will start writing in earnest in November. (I have to first edit another Nightscape book to-be-announced shortly.) I'm aiming for an October 2016 publication date. Of course, I'll provide periodic updates on my progress in the interim...