Nightscape Series

2016 Plans & Projects

David EdwardsComment

In 2015, I managed to release three Nightscape projects--a free novelette, a digital comic book and a full-fledged novel. My one New Year's resolution is to match that level of productivity. The 2016 lineup looks like this...

Spring: Nightscape Double Feature No. 1 (double novella)

This book will feature two pulp-style novellas in the fashion of the old Ace Doubles. The first novella, The Thousand-Eyed Fear, is the inaugural adventure of occult investigator Nolin "Lancer" Quigg. In the penultimate year of WW1, Nolin and his ragtag band of teen soldiers is tasked with infiltrating a German research facility that houses an advanced "supertank." The squad discovers a more ominous and supernatural threat. The story is co-written by Derrick Ferguson, a distinguished genre veteran.

The second novella, newly retitled The Q for Damnation, is a unique crime thriller featuring a French female detective who uses surrealist art techniques to solve her cases. In this instance, she has to solve an art heist that could potentially end WW2 before it even begins. This story contains important clues about the next Nightscape novel, Among the Unsaved.

Both novellas have retro-cool covers by British artist Simon Fowler. 

Summer: Nightscape Concept Album (title TBD)

I've kept this project a secret up until now. Given that we start recording at the end of the month, however, it's about time to reveal some details. For now, I'll just say that the music is in the vein of 70s-era Black Sabbath with a bit of classic Rush and Queensryche thrown in. We're putting together a fantastic group of musicians, including some hard rock/metal favorites. 

Fall/Winter: Nightscape: Among the Unsaved (novel) 

Faithful readers know I took a research trip to Kentucky last summer as part of my research for this novel, which will consist of equal parts giallo-style mystery and southern supernatural horror. This story has direct connections to The Thousand-Eyed Fear and will have implications for Lancer Quigg stories down the line.

I couldn't be more excited about the number and variety of Nightscape projects to be released in the coming months. As usual, I'll share all of the news as it happens both here and via my Facebook author page.