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Announcing the Nightscape Concept Album: To Sin Our Mercies

David EdwardsComment

Dig old-school Black Sabbath? Wish Rush were still composing progressive mega-epics? Pine for classic Queesnryche? Then get ready for the Nightscape concept album To Sin Our Mercies. The album revolves around an 18th-century Irish doctor who discovers an old whaling village where the blind have the uncanny power to see the dead. 

I've been working on tracks in fits and starts for over a year with childhood friend and guitarist/songwriter phenomenon Tony Gaglio. Tony is a real-deal guitar hero. Among his many accomplishments, he made GuitarPlayer magazine's list of the top-ten best unsigned guitarists in 2005 and was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 (for best rock instrumental, which went to Jeff Beck). 

We start recording To Sin Our Mercies this month at The Map Room in Portland, OR USA with engineer Josh Powell. We're going into the studio with nine demo tracks in hand and a plan to lay down all of the drum and bass parts. Later sessions will incorporate lead guitar, keyboards, strings and finally, lead and backing vocals. Tony is handling all of the guitar parts and a talented group of locals will be filling most of the other slots.

The album will also feature a number of exciting guest artists. First up: Vinny Appice, the crazy-talented drummer for Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell, among other legendary groups. Vinny will contribute drums on two tracks, including the eight minute-plus closer, "Starlost." I've had the privilege of hearing an early version of Vinny's work and there's no doubt it's going to be earthshaking.

We're aiming for a late-summer release dateAs usual, I'll keep you apprised of our progress. This project's shaping up to be something special...