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First Pre-Release Review of Nightscape: Cynopolis

David EdwardsComment

It's hard to put a lot of stock in reviews as a writer because if you give creedance to the positive notices, you have to give equal weight to the negative ones. Nevertheless, I'm relieved that the first pre-release review of Nightscape: Cynopolis is complimentary.

The review comes courtesy of D. Donovan, Editor and Senior Reviewer at the Midwest Book Review. Founded in 1976, this organization is dedicated to increasing literacy, promoting the use of public libraries and fostering small press publishers. The Midwest Book Review receives about 1,500 submissions per month and reviews about 450 of those submissions. In the interest of full disclosure, upon approval of my manuscript for review, I paid $50 for the review because I submitted an uncorrected pre-publication PDF. The organization doesn't charge for reviews of print copies.

The review reads, in part:

Nightscape: Cynopolis is the newest addition to the Nightscape series and is urban horror fiction at its best, promising prior fans and newcomers alike a read that is marked by elements of supernatural fiction, thriller writing, and high-tech threats...

This book is for those who appreciate hard-hitting back-and-forth dialogue, have an interest in survival horror, and enjoy gritty urban thrillers. Issues of safety and danger permeate a charged, winding storyline filled with earthly and cosmic threats, including alien gods. 

It all seems quite a bit to toss into one mix, but Nightscape: Cynopolis does a fine job of exploring and explaining its numerous facets in the course of presenting a rollicking, action-packed thriller/fantasy read highly recommended for any who enjoy survivalist sagas with a supernatural twist.

The full review will be available closer to the book's October 20 publication date in Gale Cengage Learning's Book Review Index as well as on various websites, including Goodreads and Booklikes.

If you'd like to have the opportunity to write your own pre-publication review, please contact me about joining my street team. I'll be sending out corrected PDFs of the book this week to readers interested in getting their hands on an early copy.