Nightscape Series


Spring/Summer 2019

The Heaven-Breaker Cycle: The Iron Shadow (Book One)
by David W. Edwards

Introducing a new era of heroic fantasy in the Nightscape universe! Recently freed pit fighter, Broga of Tel Azaon, arrives in the desert town of Al-Mahad in search of his long-lost sister only to become embroiled in a magickal turf war. When he discovers his sister’s fate, he’s determined to get revenge—even if that means taking on the entire town. Available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Nightscape RPG: Red Terrors is quick-start tabletop role-playing game based on David W. Edwards' series of supernatural thrillers. Playing the role of an operative for one of three secret organizations, you explore a decommissioned Russian research laboratory in search of arcane treasures. But rival operatives, ghastly menaces and dangerous artifacts abound. Worst of all, a dreaded blood daimon gestates in a defunct bio-lab waiting for an unwitting operative to set it free to wreck untold havoc. This d20-based storytelling game contains everything you need to create characters, track skills and sanity-levels, engage in combat with extra-dimensional horrors, and emerge victorious--or doom the world to an everlasting nightmare.

Summer 2019

The Collected Chronicles of Malkar
by E.C. Tubb

Discover the heroic fantasy tales of the U.K.’s most prolific science-fiction writer, E.C. Tubb. This beautifully crafted 8.5” x 11” hardback will collect all of his Conan-like Chronicles of Malkar stories for the first time. The book will include three stories and two novellas—newly edited by David W. Edwards and fully-illustrated—along with a never-before-published comic book adaptation illustrated by pulp legend Ron Turner, a foreword by Tubb’s literary executor, a remembrance by master fantasist Michael Moorcock and more.

Featuring a wraparound cover by Argentine surrealist Santiago Caruso, this special collector’s edition will be limited to only 500 copies. Available only as a collector’s edition hardback. No softcover or ebook versions will ever be issued.

Malkar_BitM_Fig 1.jpg

Project Nightscape, Metacosm

Powered by the melodic songcraft and incredible chops of Grammy-nominated guitarist, Tony Gaglio, Metacosm charts a cinematic journey into the heart of Creation. Perfect for fans of Black Sabbath, Rush, Pink Floyd and psychedelic prog rock. A thematic tie-in to the Nightscape mythos! Available on CD and in various digital formats.

The Heaven-Breaker Cycle: The Wraith Lord (Book Two)
by David W. Edwards

When Broga of Tel Azaon and his newfound traveling companions attempt to rid a village of harassing spirits they incur the wrath of a powerful warrior-mage. The escalating conflict takes the sellswords to the fabled Verging Castle where every door hides a different mortal danger. The next door or the next might open onto an abyssal prison, the sanctuary of an angry god, or even infinite madness. Available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.     

Fall/Winter 2019

The Cold & Actual Sky
by David W. Edwards

This Nightscape novel marks the beginning of the end of everything we know! A research librarian employed by a secret branch of Torvis Industries uncovers the dreadful truth behind Edgar Allan Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. The revelations prompt a nightmare investigation of the famed writer’s death and lead him to question the very nature of humanity.

The oversized paperback will employ a uniquely compelling three-part structure: the first will consist of an annotated version of the Poe story; the second a harrowing mystery; and the third a ‘silent’ comic book about a boy’s trek through an alien forest infesting northern Germany. Due to the unusual formatting requirements of this novel, no ebook versions will be available.