Nightscape Series

Nightscape Concept Album Update

David EdwardsComment

As of last Friday, we've completed the recording process for all of the drum and bass parts. We recorded the songs in album order, so the last track was our mini-epic "Starlost," which clocks in at over nine minutes. Special shout outs go to David Coniglio, our fabulous session drummer; guest drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Last in Line), who contributed some killer percussion, including a hard-hitting drum intro; and our engineer, Josh Powell, "the master at the controls."

Next up: lots and lots of guitar parts, keys, strings and vocals. I'm in the process of writing lyrics and coordinating the activities of various contributors. On this score, I'm pleased to announce that Mirabai Peart will be arranging and playing strings on three songs. A native of Australia (now living in Portland, OR), Mirabai has performed with classical groups the St. James' Ensemble, Collegium Musicum and Halcyon, and has toured internationally with harp player/singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom as a member of her band since 2010.

We're also in negotiations to include a special guest guitar solo or two before we go back to The Map Room in early April to record vocals. With luck, I'll be able to make another exciting guest spot announcement soon!