Nightscape Series

Nightscape: Entombed Comic Now Available

David EdwardsComment

The first Nightscape comic is now available exclusively on this site! The comic features two full-length stories of mystery and Lovecraftian horror set in the future of the Nightscape universe. In the first story, a team of genetically-modified adventurers hunts for a famed alien artifact hidden in the Arctic, while in the second, a military search and rescue mission on a distant planet leads to a discovery which will change the fate of worlds.

Nightscape: Entombed features the incredible interior artwork of Timothy Green II (Annihilation: Conquest--Star Lord, Animal Man, Justice League United) and Paul Abstruse (Grimm Fairy Tales: Angel, Zombie Cities) as well as a wraparound cover by famed Argentine surrealist Santigo Caruso.

This digital-only release is available for only $2.99! Order your copy today.