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Nightscape Double Feature No. 2 Cover Reveal

David EdwardsComment

The cover art for the upcoming Nightscape Double Feature No. 2 is a tribute to the psychedelic sci-fi paperbacks of the 1970s. Continuing the retro look of the first book's cover, this art recalls those wonderfully trippy paperbacks of yesteryear, notably, the heyday of the old Ace Doubles. The cover was designed and illustrated by my talented niece and up-and-coming graphic artist, Isabel McKean. She took my wacky idea--illustrating a scene from the Lancer Quigg adventure co-written with Josh Reynolds, The Divine Drowned--and figured out how to make it work.

In terms of the publication date, I'm aiming for February 2018 as I'm still wrapping up the first Nightscape play, The Barren Cross, and have yet to edit The Divine Drowned, much less write the companion novel, Undiscovered Countries. I'm also currently working on a song for the play (with keyboardist extraordinaire, Craig Bidondo), a downloadable RPG (with game designer Rodney Sloan), the next Project Nightscape album (with my childhood friend and Grammy-nominated guitarist, Tony Gaglio) and a few other, as yet unannounced projects, including a comic book and the third Nightscape Double Feature.

Whew! 2018 is shaping up to have at least four, if not five, Nightscape releases. Either way, it's going to represent a personal record.