Nightscape Series

Get Ready for the First Nightscape Play

David EdwardsComment

Now that I've largely wrapped the latest Nightscape novel, I'm working on the first play in the series. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the play will provide sundry hints about the future of the mythos. I'm patterning the play after an ancient Greek tragedy. It's about a female general who's unfairly accused of plotting against her king. She must choose between justifying his fears or exiling herself. The tentative title is The Barren Cross. I aim to finish it by the end of August so I can turn my attention to the Nightscape RPG and the next Nightscape Double Feature. Once completed, I'll likely post it here as a free download.

I'm also planning to co-write a song for the play with Craig Bidondo, the talented keyboardist from the Project Nightscape concept album. It will be a ballad featuring the vocal talent of Chelsea Barnes who sang backing vocals on the record. I'm excited to be working with these folks again! Plus, this song will kick-off the writing process for the next Project Nightscape album, tentatively set to be released next year.