Nightscape Series

Update on Nightscape Double Feature No. 2

David EdwardsComment

Happy New Year! 2018 promises to see a record number of Nightscape releases, in part, because of some delays in getting material out in 2017. First out of the gate will be Nightscape Double Feature No. 2. I'm currently wrapping the first story in this double-novel collection, The Divine Drowned. It's a pulse-pounding Lancer Quigg adventure co-written with Josh Reynolds of Warhammer 40K fame.

I won't start in on the second story until this spring, however, as I have to write a comic book script for a special project planned for 2019. With that in mind, I'm aiming to publish the second double feature this summer. 

I'll provide periodic updates in this space in the interim. And if you'd like to be a beta reader during the month of February for The Divine Drowned, please drop me a line.