Nightscape Series

Project Nightscape Concept Album Changes

David EdwardsComment

The Nightscape concept album currently in the final recording stage will now bear the title To Sin Against Our Mercies. The record's cover art by famed Argentine surrealist Santiago Caruso will be revealed as part of next month's first official press release. Suffice it to say that its wonderfully Bosch-like qualities capture the mood of the album to a tee. I imagine there might even be enough demand to warrant printing some limited edition posters...   

In the intervening month since my last update on this project, the album track listing has undergone some changes as well. The original nine tracks will now be supplemented by three dramatic vignettes. Also, one song has been extended to include a furious drum/keyboard sequence deserving of its own title.

We have just one more day of recording at The Map Room with engineer Josh Powell. Our August 8th session will consist of a mix of backing vocals, flute (no kidding) and acoustic guitar. Chelsea Barnes will be adding to the glorious backing vocals she's provided to a fair number of tracks already; the indubitable John C. Savage will be contributing his flute wizardry to what's bound to be the most unexpected song on the album; and the one-and-only Tony Gaglio will be bringing out his acoustic five-string to wrap up the intro to the album's climactic epic. 

Mixing is currently scheduled to begin in earnest the first week of August. We're working toward having a mastered copy by the end of September and releasing the album mid-December. Watch this space for a special pre-order offer to launch in September. You won't want to miss it!