Nightscape Series

Nightscape Double Feature No. 1 Update

David EdwardsComment

Oy! Between the Nightscape concept album and its companion Nightscape novel, I've struggled to finish the second novella for this double-novella project. But the wait is almost over! I'm down to the last 3,000 words or so of the surrealist crime thriller, The Q for Damnation. In addition to the usual pulse-pounding entertainment, this story will feature a variety of visually-arresting typographical tricks in keeping with the protagonist's surrealistic perspective on the world.

The book is now scheduled to be released in mid- to late-September. It will be available for pre-order early next month. 

Despite the delays in releasing this book, I still plan to publish a sequel in late-spring/early- summer 2017. Fortunately, I already have a solid first draft of one of the two novellas allotted for that edition in hand. Now, I just have to clear my schedule a bit to allow time to write the companion story...