Nightscape Series

Nightscape Concept Album Update

David EdwardsComment

The recording of the Nightscape concept album with master engineer Josh Powell is proceeding apace. We're about half-finished with the recording process and have wrapped all but one the planned guest contributions. The album, now set to be released under the moniker Project Nightscape, will feature nine prog-rock songs in the vein of classic Black Sabbath, Rush and Pink Floyd. All songs have been written by guitar phenom, Tony Gaglio, and yours truly.

The record will feature exceptional contributions from... 

  • Brian Allen (vocals; ex-Malice, ex-Vicious Rumors)
  • Holland Andrews (vocals; Like a Villain)
  • Vinny Appice (drums; ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Dio, The Last in Line)
  • Craig Bidondo (keyboards; The Brothers Bidondo)
  • David Coniglio (drums; 1939 Ensemble)
  • Mirabai Peart (violin, viola, string arrangements; Joanna Newsom's band)
  • Rich Ray (vocals; Ramble On, The Seekers)
  • Tobin Sprout (guitar solo; ex-Guided by Voices)
  • Pete Trewavas (guitar solo; Marillion, Edison's Children)

I anticipate sharing one or two preview tracks in the fall in preparation for a December release. I've shifted the release date so it will better coincide with the publication of the next Nightscape novel. The two projects will complement each other, with the novel taking up the supernatural threat introduced by the album.

Oh, and the next Nightscape novel is no longer Among the Unsaved. I've delayed that project for a year in order to launch this album-book combo. More on the new novel later, but suffice it to say that, according to my outline, I've completed about 60% of the first draft...