Nightscape Series

Nightscape: Cynopolis Cover Reveal

David EdwardsComment

The next Nightscape novel Cynopolis is in the final editing stages. I'm down to niggling line edits like adding or removing commas. Advance reader copies (ARCs) will be available to members of the Nightscape street team in a couple of weeks. (Contact me ASAP if you're interested in joining.) In the meantime, I'm pleased to reveal the book's final cover design. The cover is courtesy of the uber-talented Ryan Peinhardt and features art by famed Argentine surrealist Santiago Caruso.

In Nightscape: Cynopolis, a former counterculture radical starts a thought-virus that turns Detroit’s dogs feral and its underclass into jackal-headed beasts. The city erupts in chaos and nightmare violence. Communication in or out is impossible. The skies fill with lethal drone copters and airships bristling with heavy-duty cannon. Abandoned to their separate fates among hordes of monsters, the few surviving humans must find a way to elude the military blockade preventing their escape or defeat the virus at its source—before government forces sacrifice them all.

The supernatural thriller offers a unique combination of weird horror, breakneck action and  timely political observations. It can be enjoyed as pure entertainment, or as a metaphor for the growing divide between the rich and the poor.      

Nightscape: Cynopolis will be available in paperback, e-book and audio formats on Tuesday, October 20th. You'll be able to pre-order author-signed copies on this site later in the week. Spread the news!