Nightscape Series

Nightscape: The Dreams of Devils

The Story

Sixteen-year-old math prodigy Case Tannahill has suffered chronic nightmares ever since he can remember. They’re so bound up with who he is that he calls them ‘threaded dreams.’ But the meaning of these night terrors seems forever lost to him.

Until one October morning when Case and fellow high school seniors Kat and Troy are drawn into a neighbor’s corn patch by a scarecrow come to life. Investigating further, they’re plunged into a shared, life-altering nightmare that threatens all reality. 

Includes a bonus story, “Auto-da-Fé, American-style,” a prequel to the Nightscape movie. 

Chapter Excerpt

The morning fog makes a secret of the earth. It erases the cardinal points between my house and the bus stop. The Chehalis Hills to the west, the receding rows of filbert orchards to the east, the strawberry fields to the north (straight ahead), all gone to haze. It’s like walking in the clouds.

The damp air goes right through my Levis. Filling my lungs with cold, I sigh at the thought of returning to school. I should stay positive, I know, for the sake of appearances, if nothing else. There’s still twenty-nine weeks left. But the mantra that comes to me in the morning shower—unbidden and insistent—is: damn and be done with it. Probably a vestige of my threaded dreams.

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