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The Story

An emotionally-guarded drifter crosses paths with a phantom car responsible for a wave of supernatural violence. She must learn to trust again if she’s to end a lifetime of bad luck and help her newfound companions survive.



Nightscape is an independent thriller with flair and style… The ghostly car looks perfect streaking across the screen, sporting a pearlescent glisten which pops vibrantly… We’re thankfully spared bad CGI work and hack creative design as care and attention to detail give us something to be scared of...” – We’ve Got This Covered

“European art house pretension filtered through a quintessentially American frontier sensibility as imagined by David Lynch. That it almost works, and in places comes so close to greatness, is testament to Edwards’ skills as a filmmaker.” – Laptop Zombie

Nightscape’s modus operandi is a smothering sense of hard-bitten dread… Low-budget and scrappy, it’s an odd and inventive little film…” – Willamette Week

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