Nightscape Series

Initial Reviews for Project Nightscape Concept Album

David EdwardsComment

The first couple of reviews for the Project Nightscape concept album are in--and they're a testament to the fantastic songwriting and musicianship behind the release. 

"The music on this record is complex and spans many genres. The soundscapes move from the gospel-flavoured rock of “(Living In) Sacred Time” through the jazzy “Inmortuorum Memorias,” the pop-laced prog of “Only Reason” before the 10-minute plus “Starlost” finishes the record in epic fashion… Classic sounds throughout. To Sin Against Our Mercies is a spectacular concept record!" 9/10 – Musipedia of Metal

“Concept albums can be a tough sell these days with our short attention spans, but this interesting debut manages to avoid the usual pitfalls and shows a lot of promise… This album scores highly in delivering a strong collection of songs, and doesn’t fall prey to only having a few highlights bolstered by throwaways to round out the running time.” (3 out of 5 stars) – Moments in Transition

Congrats to everyone who contributed to this album! The record is slated for review in Progression, progressive rock's magazine of record, in March. I'm hoping for a similar reaction there...