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New Release Date & Final Covers for Nightscape Double Feature No. 1

David Edwards1 Comment

The long-in-coming Nightscape Double Feature No. 1 has a new release date of October 18, along with some revised covers (courtesy of designer Ryan Peinhardt). The book will be available in paperback and in ebook formats via Amazon and in select independent bookstores. It's the first in a planned annual series. I already have a solid draft of a novella intended for the next volume--another exciting Lancer Quigg adventure, this time set underwater off the coast of Egypt.

The final covers include some revised credits and most importantly, an updated title. The second novella, formerly The Blood Canvas, is now The Q for Damnation. This site will be set up to accept pre-orders by the end of the month. Anyone who pre-orders the book will receive a free digital copy of the upcoming Project Nightscape concept album, To Sin Against Our Mercies.