Nightscape Series

Title Change for Next Nightscape Novel

David EdwardsComment
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The Nightscape novel formerly known as The Alchemist & Azriel will now be titled Early Darkness. I ultimately concluded the original title was too esoteric to interest a general audience, so have opted for one I think is both more evocative and easier to remember. I'm about 54,000 words into what I anticipate to be a standard-length work (about 80,000 words). I hope to shoot a reasonably polished draft  to my illustrious editor, Sarah Kishpaugh, in early March. The novel's coming along at a decent clip so far and I'm curious to know how Beta readers will react to it as it's decidedly less outre than Cynopolis. Nightscape completists should know that this book not only ties into the Nightscape concept album but also the aforementioned Cynopolis and Nightscape Double Feature No. 1. There's even a reference to the very first Nightscape book, The Dreams of Devils. Stick with me and all will be revealed... eventually.