Nightscape Series

New Website. New Look. New Projects.

David EdwardsComment

The last two years have been a whirling dervish of behind-the-scenes activity in preparation for this: the Year of the Sheep (Goat). At least that’s what the Chinese zodiac says. Given the sheer profusion of Nightscape projects to be released this year, I prefer to think of it as the Year of the Jáwharī. Okay, maybe not. But the Jáwharī—multidimensional gods from the jewel-like structure at the center of quantum geometry (that ‘jewel-like structure’ part is no fiction)—do play a central role in this year’s Nightscape novel, Cynopolis. Scheduled for publication in October, Cynopolis offers the most revealing look at the Nightscape universe to date in the context of a twisty urban horror story. 2015 will also see a veritable cornucopia of other Nightscape releases, notably, a free sword & sorcery-style novelette, a double-sized comic book, and a surprise book project that might just well become an annual publishing event.

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