Nightscape Series

Nightscape: Entombed

The Story

Two full-length stories of mystery and Lovecraftian horror set in the future of the Nightscape universe. In the first story, a team of genetically-modified adventurers hunts for a famed alien artifact hidden in the Arctic, while in the second, a military search and rescue mission on a distant planet leads to a discovery which will change the fate of worlds. These self-contained stories offer up the first clues as to where the Nightscape mythos is headed!

Written by David W. Edwards
Art by Timothy Green II and Paul Abstruse
Inks by Joseph Silver
Lettering by Nic J Shaw
Cover art by Santiago Caruso

Online Exclusive

Only available here! Two complete tales of futuristic mystery and horror for only $2.99! Featuring art by acclaimed pencilers Timothy Green II and Paul Abstruse! 

Nightscape: Entombed Promo Art