Nightscape Series

Nightscape Double Feature No. 1

The Story

Superhuman soldiers, secret animal cults, marooned alien gods, masked detectives, crystalline ghosts, surreal apocalypse weapons—this is literary pulp at its best!

The Thousand-Eyed Fear by Derrick Ferguson & David W. Edwards
At the height of WW1, a ragtag squad of teen soldiers must somehow infiltrate a hidden German research facility and destroy the prototype for an advanced tank. They discover much more than the usual enemy soldiers, however, forcing them to find new strengths as a team to stop the Kaiser from gaining an unstoppable supernatural weapon.

The Q for Damnation by Arlen M. Todd
On the eve of WWII, France’s masked vigilante-detective, Monteau, must solve the murder of a longtime friend—and fast!—in order to prevent the Nazis from obtaining a work of art that could grant them control of every mind on earth. Are her unique talents for close-combat and surrealist problem-solving up to the challenge?         

Nightscape completists note: These stories shed some light on the history of the supernatural threat in Nightscape: Cynopolis


"In both novellas, the authors offer plenty of engaging examples of full-throated pastiche, including moments of high-fantasy overwriting that might have had Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian, grinning with pride... A richly rewarding, action-packed excursion into the classic pulp era, delivering a combination of eldritch villains and overmatched but valiant heroes." —Kirkus Reviews (in featured review)

“The level of imagination in this volume is noteworthy and will entertain even the most jaded pulp fan.” —Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews

Chapter Excerpt

Chapter 1
The Moving Fortresses

28 November 1917
Outside Cambrai, France

            The German A7V tanks rolled over the British defensive fortifications, mechanized landslides indifferent to the screams of the dying under their treads. The vanguard of sturmpanzerwagen numbered a dozen strong and was spread out enough to prevent easy targeting. Geysers of wet earth havocked the air around the armored vehicles as exhausted British gunners scrambled to find their range.

            Since the beginning of the battle eight days ago, the British had managed a series of hard-won victories, pushing the Germans back from Havrincourt and crossing the Hindenburg Line. The British had then commandeered and fortified the trenches dug by their enemies. The Germans had not taken kindly to the humiliating eviction and launched this sweeping tank assault…

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