Nightscape Series

Project Nightscape, To Sin Against Our Mercies


Based on the series of supernatural thrillers by writer-film director David W. Edwards, this progressive hard rock concept album features the melodic guitar stylings of Grammy-nominee Tony Gaglio. Early reviewers have compared the music favorably to classic Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rush. The record includes musical contributions from Vinny Appice (Dio), Mirabai Peart (Joanna Newsom’s band), Tobin Sprout (Guided by Voices) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion). The album’s story concerns an itinerant, nineteenth-century doctor who encounters a blind boy in communication with the dead.


“I like Eighties hard rock, I like progressive rock and therefore, I like Project Nightscape. It’s a great concept album. For all the lovers of this genre, this album is highly recommended …” —Background Magazine

“… Behind the complicated music there are subtle undertones that link the songs but let them all speak for themselves… To Sin Against Our Mercies is a spectacular concept record! 9/10” —Musipedia of Metal

“…This release has very memorable tracks that are quite catchy and expertly crafted… If you like diverse and theatrical music, this should definitely be in your collection.” —Infernal Masquerade

“..This album scores highly in delivering a strong collection of songs, and doesn’t fall prey to only having a few highlights bolstered by throwaways to round out the running time.” —Moments in Transition