Nightscape Series

Nightscape Double Feature No. 2

The Story

A literary pulp extravaganza featuring mummified telepaths, ancient machine gods, world-destroying artifacts, undead pirates, vodou elementals and dream-powered treasure ships!

The Divine Drowned
by Josh Reynolds & David W. Edwards

In exploring the underwater remnants of a lost Egyptian city, supernatural adventurer Nolin “Lancer” Quigg and his crew are blasted into an alternate dimension wracked by psychic war. Broken and scattered, the members of Integrand General struggle to reunite and return home. Complicating their mission: a prophecy that not only exposes the terrible secret of Lancer’s superhuman strength but signals the end of reality itself.

Forever the Star Finder
by Fianna I. Quigg

The doomed South Pacific voyage that made Lancer half a daimon is chronicled at last! Compelled to help the vodou priestess Mama Paris access an interdimensional rift, Liam Quigg and family must contend with alien deathtraps, roving monsters and the return of a vengeful Captain Nemo. What legacy does Liam leave when he makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect his loved ones? Learn the startling truth in this intimate firsthand account.

Available July 2018.